To Tenants

  • Property Management (On exclusively owned Besaw & Associates Properties)
  • Representation
  • Analysis (lease vs. own)
  • Lease Renewals

At Besaw & Associates Realty, your best interests are our only interest.  We offer comprehensive, comparable analyses of all financial lease terms.  We are your single, consistent point of contact from project inception through renewal or move-in.  This assures quality and results so you can focus on your business initiatives.  Chances are as a tenant, you begin to research the market and when you need to enter into a new space or need to renew your existing lease.  Let us help you in this process.

We walk through the comparisons for your business in leasing options vs. owning property and we dive deep into your business to learn about your firm’s infrastructure and plans for the future.

Besaw & Associates Realty, Ltd, provides exclusive property management on the properties owned by Besaw & Associates.  Here you can see the additional value we provide to tenants of Besaw & Associates Realty.